Why is SEO a Long-Term Strategy?



This piece will be divided into three main reasons why SEO is a long-term strategy: constantly changing market, new competitors, and google/search engine updates.  This piece concludes with client data showing why the investment in SEO is worth it. 

3 Reason’s SEO is Long term

A Constantly Changing Consumer Market

As discussed in this Forbes Article, the MP3 is a great example of this.   Few people remember the release of one of the first MP3s the Rio PMP 300 player from Diamond Multimedia.  Apple didn’t join the iPod market until 2001 but when it did, they were consistently impacting the evolving SEO market.

Apple started their 2001 debut with the headline “1,000 songs in your pocket” and continued to evolve from there as the MP3 Market became more competitive.  When it became not only storage that was important, Apple started to focus its marketing efforts on the wide variety of colors it offered (to beat out its competitors like Zen).   Then there was size, picture ability, videos etc..

No matter what market you’re in, the way consumers search for your products or services will change over time.

Different Competition

While consumer search behavior is ever changing, the competitive landscape that companies face is also everchanging.  As these competitors create more content online your company must produce content that will better answer searchers queries.  Every time a new content piece is released by a competitor, they may start to out rank you, draw in more traffic, ect.  This is why you’ll hear people say “content is king.” 

Search Engine Rules       

Google and other search engines are updating their algorithms constantly to ensure people are not gaming the system and to produce the best search results for consumers.  Google and other search engines goal is to help users find what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible.  This means they need to find places for improvement and innovation.  Companies must keep up with current trends to ensure they get the best rankings possible. 

Moz gives SEO’s a running tally of all the updates Google puts into effect: https://moz.com/google-algorithm-change

So YOY what are the results like when you invest in SEO?

Within the eCommerce Space:

Client above JBL results:

  • Cart abandonment Rate down 87%
  • Conversion rate up 200%

Client below PGA Tour Superstore, Results:


  • 19% increase in SEO traffic year over year
  • Transaction increased to 45,000 a 32.9% improvement.
  • Total SEO revenue was 7.7 million.

Within the B2C space:

Client Bug Master, Results:

  • Revenue from organic sources increased by over 22% year over year
  • Form Fills increased 80.31% year over year from October 2018 through June 2019
  • Phone Calls increased 19.81% year over year October 2018 through June 26th 2019

More Examples here: CASE STUDIES



8 Tips to Improve SEO:

1. Improve technical SEO

2. Improve Page Speed and Experience

3. Develop a Keyword Strategy

4. Develop Keyword Focused Content

5. Create Quality Content that Answers User Queries.

6.Employ Internal Linking for Target Keywords

7. Build External Backlinks

8. Always Test and Look for Improvements.

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