Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Improve Conversion Rates and Increase Conversions

What is CRO and How Does it Help?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) consists of iterative testing and data analysis geared towards better understanding how users interact with your website to increase conversions and conversion rates. With respect to internet marketing and business in general, converting your current audience into loyal customers and advocates at a higher rate is often a cost-effective alternative to acquiring a new audience. By strategically testing and measuring the impact of things such as different page layouts, color theory, messaging and just about anything else that a user sees when arriving at your site, CRO enables businesses to identify what resonates best with their audience, and improve user experience in a way that positively affects conversion rates.

Our conversion optimization team will help you gain data-centric insight into your customers’ journey through your site and will help you make strategic changes and decisions to optimize for conversions that matter to your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

A/B Testing

One of the most basic yet effective tactics in CRO is A/B testing. This is when two versions or variations of a webpage are tested against each another in a controlled testing environment. The primary goal of these experiments is to determine whether one iteration of the page performs better than the other. What’s more, A/B testing is an extremely efficient method for determining the most effective version or variation of any particular element(s) on a webpage or website.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing takes A/B testing a step further. Using this method, we are able to test the performance of more than just a single element (commonly called variables) on a webpage or website. Moreover, multiple tests can be run simultaneously. The most significant advantage of multivariate testing is that it allows you to understand how multiple elements of a page (or even a website as a whole) interact with each other and the implications with respect to both user experience and conversions.

Heatmap Analytics

Heatmap analytics allows you to see exactly where users are clicking on a webpage. In combination with A/B and multivariate testing methods, the power of heatmap analysis plays a powerful role for more complex CRO campaigns. By understanding where users click (and where they don’t), we can better understand user behavior and optimize accordingly in order to develop the best possible variation of a page and increase conversions.


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