Ecommerce PPC - Building a Brand

So how do you successfully promote an existing product line going through a re-branding stage? First and foremost, it helps to have a good product with significant enough demand to eventually outweigh any short-term lack of customer awareness. Fortunately, our client had this. It was now our job to find them loyal customers.

Local SEO - Service Company

A local company that does home improvement came to Apogee on a project level basis in order to help
improve his local rankings. They were one of the top reviewed companies but were slipping to the second
page on Google for business related searches.

Paid and Organic Search - B2B Products

Two Problems, One Solution

The client was experiencing a high cost per acquisition through their paid search advertising. In addition, the client needed to gain more business through their organic search channel.

B2C - NCR and Blockbuster Express

At the time of the changing video rental environment, Blockbuster was still an internationally recognized brand, but was struggling to remain relevant as it fought losing battles on multiple fronts. NCR, the hardware equipment manufacturer (ATMs, Voting Machines, et. al.) had a different set of challenges. NCR lost the contract to provide kiosks to Coinstar-owned Redbox and were seeing the entirety of the hardware for kioskdriven on-presence movie rental go to one of their competitors.

In response, NCR decided that they would get into the movie rental kiosk business themselves, thereby securing a downstream customer for their core hardware capabilities. They decided to license the name “Blockbuster Express” from Blockbuster. NCR planned to launch several thousand kiosks that spread throughout a handful of metropolitan areas.