Telecommunications Start Up Gains #1 Google Ranking

The Challenge

Lifesize was a venture capital-backed, unknown startup in an
exceptionally competitive market. They had developed the
first high definition videoconferencing product, but despite
this accomplishment, like all new businesses were merely
trying to bring in enough sales to stay afloat.

The company realized that the small amount of pay per click
they were doing was not going to suffice to position them as
highly as top competitors. And not with the HD element,
which was their key differentiator.

Lifesize needed visibility, reach, and a reliable revenue
generation machine but were struggling to scale paid
search, and their expensive website was not converting
visitors into leads

Campaign Activities


  • SEO Management
  • Paid Search Management 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)



 We now have a PR (page rank) 6, (have) backlinks being created every single day on BigCommerce, (a) YouTube Channel with lots of traffic, an active blog, etc…THANKS!

Eddie Machaalani

CEO, BigCommerce, Lifesize

A startup with a
breakthrough product but no market traction...

A plan to
research, test, and track for best possible SEO and CRO results

Implementation Details

We tracked and analyzed search leads

We captured click to close lead data by tying web
analytics to CRM so visitors from ads were recorded.
Leads were coded based on their origin (keyword, search
engine, ad). Codes stayed with leads to track searches,
even after additional touches, such as a telemarketing call.

We researched the market for positioning and keywords

To find keywords to test, we analyzed the market and key
differentiators. We also studied searches that ranked
competitors highly or indicated traditional meetings. This
was to target those not using videoconferencing due to
quality, and to offer an option for general meeting terms.

We tested with paid search to find the best keywords

Keywords were thinned out using paid search, those with
similar terms but low click volume were put into
categories. This included phrases with various
spellings like videoconferencing and technology
references, such as Hi-Def, HD, and HD Video. Reporting
showed which keywords drove traffic and leads. In
this way, we identified 10 keywords that became the
foundation of our SEO.

We optimized the site around top keywords

With top keywords in hand, we began modifying content
by replacing standard terminology. Videocommunications
became a more standard word, videoconferencing. Site
tags changed to reflect the most visible search terms. We
recommended placing best keywords in press releases.


First - Page Rankings

Referring Domains

Conversion Increase

Acquisition Sale Price

Implementation Continued….

We built targeted links with sites based on keywords
Inbound links are critical to search results, so we examined
keyword rankings for suitable exchange partners. We
established links with top directory sites pointing to
relevant content, such as the difference between HD and
standard videoconferencing. We reached out to IT or
videoconferencing bloggers and built links between
partners and resellers. We created a Partner Map on the
site which required partners to link to a page with relevant
content about Lifesize. We provided a document on how to
create a search-optimized link and what location to link
back to.

We tested content offerings and landing pages
We needed better content and landing pages to help turn
web clicks into qualified leads. For landing pages, we
started testing designs that contained variations on text,
images, and the number and type of registration form
questions. In addition, we tested the response to a variety
of marketing content, including white papers, videos, and
one- or two-page special reports on how-to topics and
technology primers, such as Top 10 Questions to Avoid
Videoconferencing Investment Mistakes.

The Results Were Amazing

Keyword Growth

Lifesize became one of the most visible brands in
videoconferencing. After being unranked on Google for
targeted keywords they had 13 first-page rankings on top
search sites including 3 on Google.

Domain Ranking/Authority

From a start of only 20, they had more than 120 sites
linked to them from a page with keyword optimized and
Lifesize-relevant content.


Conversion Results

Lifesize had been converting 2.09% of site visitors into
leads. After site optimization this number rose to 8.17%,
nearly a 400% increase.

Million Dollar Acquisition

After successive years of growth, Lifesize was purchased
by Logitech for $405M.

 We now have a PR (page rank) 6, (have) backlinks being created every single day on BigCommerce, (a) YouTube Channel with lots of traffic, an active blog, etc…THANKS!

Eddie Machaalani

CEO, BigCommerce, Lifesize

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