A PPC consultancy offers professional advice to companies seeking to maximize return on investment for paid media. We currently have two full time consultants on our PPC consultation team. We became a PPC consultancy in Texas 20 years ago. Respected companies regularly seek us out for a second opinion. We recently audited several hundred Honda dealer PPC accounts for JD Power. Our PPC team was able to offer tips that would immediately increase ROI for Honda.

Brad consultant in our PPC consultancy

Pay per click advertising provides businesses with the ability to exponentially increase leads and revenue within their markets. Our PPC team constantly monitors your PPC message to ensure that it is strong and located at the top of the search results. Our team of experts design and implement paid digital media campaigns to help our clients find customers, generate leads, and increase sales. Quality PPC campaigns will contribute to higher conversion rates. Our consultants know the best bidding strategies for each platform. We have the Google Ads platform memorized. We know how to quickly find the relevant and attainable keywords. Apogee’s PPC team has many years of experience creating well-written copy. Our reporting process measures the results in an easily readable format. At the end of the day, positive return on investment for our clients is what is most important to us. We are always looking for ways to improve conversion rate optimization.

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