Gary Hoover: Legends of Marketing

We are so pleased to announce a collaborative education partnership with entrepreneur and business historian, Gary Hoover.  Gary blends a passion for the historical study of leadership with an engaging talent for storytelling. In this series for the Apogee Results blog, Gary will share marketing insights for entrepreneurs in start-up mode and proven marketing tactics for CMOs at large established companies.

We recently chatted with Gary about his background and his vision for the Legends of Marketing blog series.


Those of us who labor daily to promote our products and services often focus on the latest marketing bestseller. However, the more distant and oft-forgotten past is also filled with great examples and ideas that we may be able to re-interpret in today’s competitive world. Students of history often note that good ideas arise, peak, and lose interest over time, then come back years or even decades later.

Gary Hoover travels the world speaking to Fortune 500 executives, trade associations, entrepreneurs, and college and high school students about how enterprises are built and how they stand the test of time. His speeches and workshops have ranged from the Hong Kong and Jakarta chapters of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) to keynote at the National Association of Convenience Stores Convention and the Mid-Atlantic Venture Capital Conference, from Microsoft and Oracle client conferences to strategic planning meetings of major law firms.

From his own successes and failures, and from the lessons of the thousands of companies he has studied, he draws real-life examples of the things that really matter. He talks about the role of history, of geography, of demography, of curiosity, and the other key things that aren’t discussed every day in the newspaper – or the classroom. Gary speaks from long experience and long study about the big picture, about the critical components of the successful business mission. In an era of fads and fashions, Gary keeps his eye on the timeless fundamentals of success, but with new and surprising stories.

The first article in this series features how a big business gamble in the 1960s is still paying off for IBM today. Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often.

You can keep up with Gary’s articles, books, videos and speaking engagements at the Hoover’s World website.

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