Ahhh, holidays. I’m guessing that about 50% of the country is hung over this chilly Monday morning due to either romantic champagne &  wine with a loved one, or contrary tequila shots & beer with friends or the TV.

As you try to shake off the after-effects this holiday, remember to shake off any after-effects that various holidays may have left on your PPC campaigns. A lot of PPC campaigns are probably hung over from Valentine’s campaigns today, and many are still hung over from Christmas!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Valentine’s is over
And Christmas is too

A couple of weeks before valentine’s day I was searching for gourmet chocolates – probably a competitive keyword this time of year. Ad #4 was a an ad talking about Christmas Chocoaltes [sic] and chocolate santas.

Time and again I come across outdated holiday promotions in PPC ads. And yes, I’ve had slip-ups myself over the years, but let this valentine’s day remind you to show your PPC ads some love.

  • Scan through your ads for references to Christmases past (or any other holiday that’s not around the corner)
  • Do a search for terms like Christmas, holiday, valentine, etc. & edit anything that comes up
  • While you’re at it, go ahead and spell-check & grammar-check your ads too