2019 Award Winning Work


by Michelle Stinson Ross



During the fall conference season, Apogee Results was honored with the recognition of our industry peers for a sample of the work we do all year long for our clients. On October 9, 2019 the outstanding local campaign we created on behalf of The Bug Master was named the Best Local Campaign of 2019 for the US Search Awards.

Our CEO, Bill Leake, and I had the privilege of traveling to Las Vegas to represent the agency team and The Bug Master for this prestigious award for digital marketing in the United States. 

Erika Tapie, an SEO Associate here at Apogee Results, was also named a finalist for the Young Search Professional of the Year.

Over the years we have provided internship and training opportunities to young professionals starting out in their marketing careers. Erika Tapie has demonstrated an outstanding level of progress in less than a year. We are incredibly pleased with how Erika has taken the opportunities here at Apogee Results and become an accomplished SEO Specialist on her own.

Erika is now taking the leadership role for all editorial review of content written in the shop. She is also now the lead writer on several projects and guides tactical SEO writing through strategic implementation.

With The Bug Master in particular, she started out providing content guidelines based on the query and intent research. From January to June of 2019 she has written all of the content published on behalf of The Bug Master and works directly with the client on topic ideation and seasonal timing. She has become the client’s resource for further strategy steps.

As an agency, it is an honor to work with such an accomplished young marketer and a pleasure to see those accomplishments recognized in the industry she represents.

US Search Awards 2019 on Wednesday, October 10th, 2019 at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Photographed by Adam Shane of CorporatePhotographers.com on a Nikon D5.

When we first wrote this case study back in July, we were just in the beginning stages of some truly outstanding results.

In December of 2018, we saw an increase of 33.21% in year over year sessions. From this point forward, our gains became increasingly dramatic. Here is the growth in sessions over the last 3 months (June is just through the 26th)
● April: 66.16% increase
● May: 74.18% increase
● June (through the 26th): 98.10% increase

That was just the beginning of the story

The area highlighted in yellow represents the growth from the previous graph. If you would like to learn more about the strategy and methodology of this winning case study, please view – Content and Local SEO for the Win


Michelle Stinson Ross is Apogee’s internal marketing strategist. She is responsible for growing our website, blog, social marketing, industry thought leadership and advertising footprints. She is also a key consultant to the internal team and the clients.

Michelle has written about digital marketing for Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Forbes. She is national industry conference speaker for SMX, Pubcon, Digital Summit.

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