Online Reputation Management

Protecting Brand Reputations from Negative Online Media

Promote a Positive Online Reputation for your Brand

In the 21st century, it has become increasingly more important to establish and maintain a positive online reputation for your brand. If your reputation has been the victim of negative press releases or other forms of negative online media, the need for reputation management services becomes abundantly clear. The consequences of a tarred reputation are severe. With Google, Bing, and other search engines at their fingertips, everyone from prospective clients and business partners to potential employees can be influenced by what they out about your brand online. With online reputation management services your brand can mitigate and ultimately avoid the consequences of negative online media. Reputation management helps displace negative attention with brand-friendly properties that more accurately represent your company.

It is great to work with a partner who gets it in terms of your business and the challenges you face. I really enjoy working with Apogee and its team.

Nancy Harris

VP of Software, Forgent Networks

Online Reputation Management Services

SERP Analysis and Keyword Research

Our reputation management campaigns begin with keyword research and an analysis of various Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This research enables us to discover which search queries are being used to find information about your brand. All the sites ranking in the SERPs (which we call properties) will be labeled as “positive,” “negative,” or “neutral”. This information is used to understand the landscape of your brand’s online reputation. More importantly, it allows us to develop a methodical strategy to improve your brand’s reputation. Nevertheless, there are always new properties that rank for branded queries, which is why the initial SERP analysis is just the beginning. Ongoing analysis and rank checking is crucial to achieving lasting success and improve the rankings of both positive and neutral brand properties in order to naturally displace the negative brand properties.

Reputation Management Campaigns

We use a myriad of strategies and tactics in order to improve your brand’s online reputation. One basic example is optimizing all of your brand’s social media profiles and getting them to rank for branded queries. This is an example of a simple tactic that should be included in any reputation management campaign. The key idea to understand with ongoing reputation management is that the process must be strategic, flexible, and cyclical. That being said, SEO is an important part of the process. Whether it’s from proactive outreach or through existing relationships, getting new, fresh content indexed and ranking in search engines is critical. We understand the nuances of how all of the moving pieces. When it comes to online reputation management, we understand the nuances of how all of the moving parts work together and crucially, how to create and execute campaigns to improve your brand’s image online.


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