Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Reach and Engage Your Nonprofit's Audience

What is the Google Ad Grants Program?

The Google Ad Grants program gives qualified organizations a $10,000 per month budget of “in-kind” advertising to spend via Google AdWords. Eligible nonprofits have the opportunity to promote their cause, push their initiatives, and increase awareness on the most widely used search engine in the world.

How Does it Work?

Before having the option to apply for and receive a Google Ad Grant, your organization must first become a member of the Google for Nonprofits community and pass the Google for Nonprofits eligibility guidelines. If your organization meets all of Google’s requirements, you can then begin the grant application process. The application process used to be rather brief, only requiring some general background information (Employer Identification Number (EIN), website URL/domain, mission statement) about your organization, but applicants are now required to jump through some additional hoops, including a written statement outlining:

(1) Why the Grant will help supplement the organization’s mission

(2) Specific goals for the first AdWords campaign

(3) How the Grant money will help achieve these goals

Additional Information About Ad Grants

From our experience, it can take Google anywhere from one week to two months to provide confirmation on an application’s approval. In addition, there are several differences between a Google Grants Account and traditional Google AdWords accounts. Some of the differences include:

(1) A spending limit of $330/day or roughly $10,000/month on the basic grant accounts

(2) Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit of $2.00 for grant accounts

(3) Grant accounts can only run text ads without the option to advertise on the Google Display Network

While these factors can make it more challenging to compete against traditional paid AdWords accounts, Apogee’s experience and success with the Google Grants Program has enabled us to consistently yield positive results for our nonprofit partners.

Apogee has successfully acquired and managed our Google Ad Grant to promote our mission and events. They are genuinely interested and devoted to the success of our nonprofit organization and we can’t say enough about the work they do for us.

Brooklyn Barbieri

Director of Marketing & Public Relations, The Paramount Theater

How Can Apogee Help with Google Ad Grants?

No-Hassle Grant Applications

Once our partnership is solidified Apogee will assign a Client Success Team (CST) to your account. A member of your CST will then reach out to set up a “kick-off” call in which both teams will define roles, outline expectations, establish goals, and clarify timelines. During the call we will also outline and request some basic information needed for us to complete the Grant application on your behalf. Upon completion of the discovery and kick-off phase, the fate of your Google Ad Grants application, as well as the success of future AdWords campaigns, will be in the hands of certified professionals with over a decade of experience helping nonprofits achieve their goals.

Google Grants and AdWords Expertise

Taking full advantage of the Google Ad Grants program requires successful navigation of the application process, as well as Google AdWords expertise. All of our paid search specialists are Google AdWords (and Bing Ads) certified and are experts at executing campaign setup, account optimization, and ongoing campaign management. Coupled with years of experience in applying for, building out, and optimizing Google Ad Grants campaigns on behalf of our clients, the Apogee paid search team possesses the in-depth AdWords expertise needed to help you reach your goals.

We Get You Results

Apogee has successfully helped our nonprofit clients take advantage of what we’ve found to be the most beneficial of all the free products offered to Google for Nonprofits members: Google Ad Grants. Over the years, we have helped organizations such as the American Museum of Natural History, Public Broadcasting System (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), Livestrong Foundation, The Paramount Theater, and more than a dozen other nonprofits. Whether your goal is to increase web traffic, attract more donations, recruit more volunteers, or engage a larger audience as a whole, the Apogee team can help you leverage the full potential of this opportunity.


Let’s talk about how our team can help you market your nonprofit online with Google Ad Grants.