Paid and Organic Search- B2B Products

Two Problems, One Solution

The client, a major medical device manufacturer, was experiencing a high cost per acquisition through their paid search advertising. In addition, the client needed to gain more business through their organic search channel.

Apogee Results conducted a thorough analysis of the existing paid search marketing strategy and tactics. Apogee Results also conducted a detailed SEO audit and from that analysis developed an organic search strategy to improve the client’s target rankings.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Significant Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Lower CPA


Increased Conversions


Site Traffic Improvement

The Solution

By organizing, expanding and optimizing the client’s Paid Search (PPC) campaigns, and with daily reviews and tweaks, Apogee Results delivered more leads for less cost. Overall the client gained more leads for less cost with Apogee Results.

The client’s website consists of many product pages as well as being rich in content on their industry. They had trouble with duplicate content issues, as well as unruly URL structures, among other things that kept them back in rankings.

With Apogee Results’ comprehensive organic search (SEO) strategy our client gained more highly qualified traffic for their most important phrases.

PPC Results

Apogee Results brought the average cost per acquisition (CPA) down by nearly 60% within six months. At the same time, Apogee Results increased conversion rates by nearly 55%, from 11.7% to 17.9%.

Organic Search Results

Apogee Results created a comprehensive strategy to address the many SEO issues discovered in the website audit. The client benefitted with a 30% year-over-year improvement in their target keyword based traffic. They also experienced a 20% lift in organic search traffic, which contributed to the total site traffic improvement of 23%.