Local SEO Case Study- Service Company

The Client Story

A local company that does home improvement came to Apogee on a project level basis in order to help improve his local rankings. They were one of the top reviewed companies but were slipping to the second page on Google for business-related searches.

At Apogee, we work as a cohesive team and tailor our services to meet your business goals. The goal of the company was to rank on the first page of the search engine results page (SERPs) and be in the top 3 of Google Places. The benefit of being in the top 3 is that your website is shown in broad local searches not only as a normal SERP but also as a Google Places result.

The Challenge

The company’s web page was slipping to the less-viewed search pages and the competition ranked higher in the searches despite being less reviewed. When we took control of the client’s website it was ranking on average 18th and was on the second page of Google Places for a number of highly relevant search terms. Considering that the 18th hit on Google gets approximately 1.3% of clicks compared to the top 3 hits, which get 36.4%, 12.5%, and 9.5% of clicks respectively, for consumers who are searching for your services but might not be familiar with your company, being a top search hit is extremely beneficial. This was the client’s focus.

Organic Search Position

Organic Map Position

Day Turnaround

The Solution

Our first order of action was figuring out why our client’s business was slipping to the second page of Google searches. To diagnose the problem, we worked to first install Google Analytics and enable Google Webmaster Tools. After perusing through the data, we then worked on the company’s social media presence, creating accounts where needed, and then migrated to the on-page items, making sure everything corresponded according to our knowledge of how Google crawls pages. The client provided us with his FTP information and we implemented not only the Google Analytics install, but also the on-page recommendations.

Reaching the Summit

With the cooperation of the client in giving us the tools to succeed, we were able to deliver his exact goal in 18 days and conclude the journey to the top of the search results. At present, when searching for our client’s services, they are routinely the top hit. We can replicate our methods for your local business, so start your journey to the top with Apogee today!