Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization, commonly referred to as CRO, is a process that involves coordinated testing and market awareness. It can be engaged from a less formal methodology, or constructed via an in-depth and concise testing schedule. Either way, you are on the path to maximizing your ROI and web efforts.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Increased Revenue Generation
  • Greater Return on Google Adwords Investment
  • Increased Awareness of Customer Base
  • Scalable Findings and Results
  • Long Term Effectiveness

What can I expect from my CRO campaign with Apogee?

  1. Work closely with a CRO specialist and project manager to define goals
  2. Outline existing pathways to conversion
  3. Understand your customer and their pain points (personas)
  4. Establish testing parameters and KPIs
  5. Build test pages (landing pages)
  6. Begin test
  7. Establish data using a 95% confidence scale
  8. Ascertain the winning page(s) and move forward with implementation and subsequent testing

* We will work to coordinate these efforts with your existing marketing plan and budget requirements

How does CRO increase revenue generation?

Conversion Rate Optimization has a multifaceted approach to improving revenue generation. The primary benefit is simply to convert existing traffic at a higher rate. This is done by testing a series of pages via A/B testing or multivariate testing.
The secondary benefits stem from increasing the number of visitors that convert. Taking into account your customer lifetime value (CLV) you can extrapolate the true ROI of your campaign. For some business models the CLV is worth far more than the initial return. Further benefit is had from advocacy of your product, brand, or image. Happy customers will not only return, but they will tell others about their positive experience. Coordination with your email marketing efforts can help to further CLV figures.

How does CRO improve my Adwords campaign?

Improving your conversion rate often involves producing coordinated landing pages for your existing Google Adwords campaign. This in turn provides a much better match for your ad groups, improving conversion and improving quality scores. With an increased quality score you’ll be able to get higher ad rankings for less, and stretch your ad dollars. That means your competitors will have to work harder and spend more to steal away valuable visits.

How can I learn more about my customers?

We all know our customers right? So how is it that our conversion rates aren’t what they should be? This is a common question that leads to discussing conversion rate optimization with our clients. The fact is there are a number of variables that people look for when they visit a site. Many pages push too hard for a sale and overlook vital information, some pages are difficult to use and have scattered information, and some pages simply do not offer a clear pathway to conversion. By testing various best practices you can start to gain better understanding of the needs of your customer base and the barriers that they are facing.

How is conversion rate optimization scalable, and how long are the results going to last?

Often with most clients involved in the CRO process we are testing with one page, but with the emphasis of taking those findings and improving the entirety of the site. This cuts down on needless changes and improves the availability of your IT and/or web staff. Because of the science behind the CRO process you can expect results to last. As long as your business model, product, and message remain viable you can continue to employ the findings of your CRO campaign with confidence. For some clients, the market is constantly variable and because of this the CRO process must be ongoing in order to be most effective.

Much like our other services at Apogee, we tailor our deliverables to your specific business needs and goals, offering a fresh, new approach to your website. Contact us now to learn more about how Apogee Results can leverage your existing traffic with advanced Conversion Rate Optimization expertise.

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