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Helping Companies Extract Insights from Analytics Data

Using Analytics to Guide Marketing Strategy

The cornerstone of great marketing is obtaining not just data, but the right data to make those important business decisions. While it is easier than ever to collect data, the real challenge for most companies is figuring out what it all means and how to use it strategically. If you’ve been struggling with setting up or analyzing Google Analytics, Omniture or other web analytics packages, you’re not alone. Many of our clients come to us because they can’t obtain relevant, useful information from their web analytics tools. Our experts have years of experience setting up and optimizing analytics packages to help you answer meaningful business questions and turn data into insight.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

Google Analytics Audit and Implementation

Setup Google Analytics to Ensure Proper Tracking and Data Integrity

How accurate is your analytics data? When it comes to Google Analytics (and all other web analytics platforms), there are two key components to leveraging the value of your data. The first is accurate data collection and the second is insightful analysis. Our analytics experts are trained to identify and correct any issues within your Google Analytics account. This includes setting up filters and advanced segments, configuring conversion goals, event tracking, attribution models, and making sure that inaccuracies in data are properly addressed. The end result? Accurate data and an effective measurement strategy with an efficient framework for data analysis.

Google Analytics Reporting and Insights

Actionable Reports with Insights into Meaningful Business Metrics

Google Analytics is full of valuable data that can be used for business intelligence. Our client reporting relationships ensure that your web analytics data remains accurate as your business and marketing efforts grow. We also provide valuable marketing reports to make sense of all that information. By setting up a results oriented data strategy and delivering in-depth analysis, we will help you better understand your web traffic and provide insights that help answer critical business questions. Ultimately, we’ll provide you with actionable reports that your executives, sales and marketing teams can use to make strategic business decisions backed by data.

Apogee has helped us develop a new source of qualified leads for our company, which is making a significant contribution to our sales funnel and a positive impact to our revenue.

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Marketing & Partner Management, Equity Methods

Why Choose Apogee for Web Analytics Consulting?

We Can Help You Use Data Strategically

Beyond collecting accurate data, we’ve helped hundreds of companies leverage web analytics as a tool to guide marketing strategies. From implementing a measurement strategy to effectively analyzing data sets and providing actionable insights, we can help your business obtain and leverage all of the relevant and useful information from your web analytics platform. Crucially, we are constantly using tools such as Google Analytics as a cornerstone of our strategies for our clients, which is one of the reasons why we routinely deliver exceptional results.

We Are Experts in Search Analytics

Our team of specialists are certified in Google Analytics and possess years of experience implementing and configuring a variety of web analytics platforms. From small businesses to enterprises and members of the Internet Retailer 500, we have provided companies of all shapes and sizes with expert guidance on how to use analytics for search marketing. What’s more, we know how to answer meaningful business questions using in-depth analysis of analytics data. After all, the true power of analytics rests within the ability to analyze data and provide actionable insights.


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