Using All 3 Legs of the SEO Stool to Win

The Challenge

iTexico had used multiple firms in the past and never saw anywhere close to the type of growth they saw in 2018 and into 2019. Our work with iTexico is a classic example of how work on all three legs of the SEO stool, combined, can create significant and measurable results for clients. We take an individualized, custom approach to every client, and iTexico is no exception. We were able to fix significant technical SEO issues, optimize existing content, and build strong and new off-page links to internal pages. Additionally, by taking a holistic approach to content creation and matching user intent, we were able to bring high-intent traffic to the site, all leading to significantly more organically generated leads.

The Objectives


Objective #1: To increase Organic traffic to the site by at least 30% year over year

Ojective #2: Increase organic “Contact an Expert” forms from an average of 2.1 per month to 5 per month.


Target Audience

Firms looking for quality development work. iTexico offers “nearshore” development, meaning they use developers in Mexico to limit costs but ensure high quality.


The strategy was to audit the website from a technical SEO standpoint and remediate any technical issues preventing Google from properly crawling and indexing the site. This is the first leg of the SEO stool.  Following this, for the second leg of the SEO stool (content) the team focused on optimizing existing pages and creating new content- the topics for this new content were determined using query research and intent analysis. By understanding what potential customers are searching for in this space, we were able to build optimized pages that ranked quickly and drove qualified traffic to the website. By mid-September, the team began addressing the third leg of the SEO stool with a link building campaign, while continuing to build new content, in order to boost rankings and trust signals for the site.


Increase in SEO Traffic

Form Fills Per Month

New Backlinks


Technical Remediation (first leg) Included: 

  • Site speed fixes 
    • Reduced fully loaded time by 4.5 seconds (13.7 seconds to 9.2 seconds)
    • Reduced time to first byte from 250ms to 220ms
  • Internal 3XX & 4XX link remediation
    • 378 internal 3XX redirects fixed
    • 347 internal 4XX errors fixed
  • New sitemap and robots.txt
  • Internal linking recommendations
  • Updated multiple pages with missing canonical tags

On-Page Optimization (second leg), Existing Pages: 

  • We optimized tagging, alt text, on-page copy, and internal linking for 10 core pages using in-depth query research . Our research targeted visitors looking for nearshore/offshore/outsource services as well as those looking for specialized talent for mobile app development and software development.

On-Page Optimization (second leg), New Content:

Off-Page (third leg): 

  • We wrote and pitched 24 articles, yielding 19 links for 2018
  • Link building efforts were directed towards a technical audience for sites focused on startups, business and mobile development and strategy.

The Results Were Amazing

  • Objective: #1: To increase Organic traffic to the site by at least 30% year over year:
    • Organic traffic was up 43.73% in 2018 year over year (101,571 sessions vs. 70,666) 
    • In the 4th quarter, growth was more pronounced, with a increase of 99.02% (29,443 sessions vs 14,794)
    • These traffic gains have continued into the the first quarter of 2019, with YoY growth of 64.55% (38,718 sessions vs 23,529)

  • Objective #2: Increase “Contact an Expert” forms from an average of 2.1 per month to 5 per month: 
    • Strong progress has been made. In the first quarter of 2019, we averaged 7.6 contact form fills:


  • Link Acquisition: With efforts from August through December, we built 19 back links from new referring domains, with an average Domain Authority of 45. 
  • Two links from DA sites of 80 or higher were built
  • 18/19 links referred to internal pages 
  • A look at referral traffic:

    • We can see a large jump in referral sessions when we started building new links to the site (August)
    • Additionally, we see 12 conversions when the previous year none were gained from referral traffic

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