Web Analytics

Expert Web Analytics

If you’ve been struggling with setting up or analyzing Google Analytics, Omniture or other web analytics packages, you’re not alone. Many of our clients come to us because they can’t obtain relevant, useful information from their web analytics tools. Our experts have years of experience setting up and optimizing analytics packages to help you answer meaningful business questions:

  • We helped a large eCommerce client fix “unsolvable” cross-domain problems in Google Analytics between their website and a 3rd party eCommerce engine, fixing a loss of visitor details as users moved from their website into their shopping cart
  • We created detailed funnel and goal visualizations that enabled a company for the first time to have a clear picture of funnel conversion and sales value from initial click through to point of sale
  • We provided training and support for a company that needed to upgrade a major analytics package that tracks tens of thousands of transactions per day

Maximizing Web Analytics

Getting the most from your web analytics platform involves setting up filters, establishing goals, conversion criteria, and in some cases ecommerce tracking. It involves a complete attribution structure to establish what is working and what is not working. Why guess when you can simply know?

By mining this valuable data you can answer a number of big questions, such as:

  • How are my customers getting to my site?
  • Where am I losing sales?
  • Is my website effective in converting visitors?
  • What are people doing when they find my website?
  • What parts of my website are accomplishing my goals?

The cornerstone of great marketing is obtaining not just data, but the right data to make those important decisions. How you implement your web analytics tracking is absolutely vital to obtaining the right data. Contact us now to learn more about how Apogee Results can leverage your existing traffic with advanced Web Analytics expertise.