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Odds are you’re already running an email marketing campaign, or at least have seriously considered doing so. Effective email marketing–dollar for dollar–provides the best return on investment out of all direct marketing initiatives. In fact, a 2010 Direct Marketing Association survey found that marketers expected their email efforts that year to provide an ROI of $42.08 for every dollar spent.

If you’ve been struggling with email marketing–either launching the initiative or getting results–Apogee’s email marketing team can help you to effectively utilize one of the least expensive yet most effective online marketing tools available today.

Email Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting

Conversion Rate Optimization (often referred to as CRO) is not only a necessary tool for your website, but also for your email marketing efforts. Just like you need your website to convert, you also need your emails to convert, translating in not only higher open rates but also (and more importantly) higher click through rates.

Apogee Results’ Email CRO Consulting allows marketers to continue to handle their company’s email marketing efforts in-house while taking advantage of Apogee’s best in class thought leadership and conversion rate expertise. Through this method, we will develop personas (if that hasn’t been done already), conduct data analysis and testing, provide you with optimization recommendations and give you reports comparing before and after results. We can also provide ongoing A/B testing if desired.

Full Service Email Marketing

Our full service email marketing is a turn-key solution that includes design, development, deployment, data analysis and tracking of your email campaigns. Apogee’s full service email marketing also includes ongoing A/B testing to make sure you get the best results–and the best ROI.

Our Full Service Email Marketing Methodology

  1. Apogee’s email team sets up campaign strategy and tactics.
  2. Our design team creates a custom template reflecting your goals and branding.
  3. Apogee’s development team codes the template once the mock up has been approved.
  4. Apogee’s copywriting and content development team provides editorial feedback. We can also provide copy and content for a nominal fee.
  5. Our creative team uses stock images you provide, or selects images (with your approval) that enhance the message and reflect your branding and goals.
  6. Our email team will import contact lists.
  7. Apogee’s team will deploy your email and perform A/B testing.
  8. Once all emails have been sent, the team will then measure results.
  9. After all results have been measured our team will then analyze those results, report back to you and make suggestions for improvement.

Much like our other services at Apogee, we tailor our deliverables to your specific business needs and goals, offering a fresh, new approach to your email marketing efforts. Contact us now to learn more about how Apogee Results can leverage your existing customers and contacts with advanced Email Marketing expertise.

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