Content Development and Copywriting

Optimizing Your Online ROI with Content Development

It’s a well known fact that on the web, content is King. Thus, developing high-quality content via a content development strategy is critical for improving ROI. This is because a successful content development strategy enables you to achieve improved online marketing and sales activities through three beneficial components:

  1. Provides your website visitors with the information they need
  2. Enables your firm to become “the authority” for relevant topics
  3. Acts as a link-magnet, benefiting SEO and link-building efforts

Many firms understand and try to incorporate content development as part of their online marketing or sales efforts. However, content development, especially quality content development, is a time-consuming and difficult task that requires expertise in; writing for the web, producing high-quality media, detailed product knowledge, and the ability to communicate in an easy to read, easy to use manner. These skills are not readily present in-house at many firms, especially those firms feeling a budget pinch.

Apogee Results Content Development Approach

At Apogee Results, we provide you with strategic and tactical content development incorporated into our holistic approach to optimizing your online efforts and improving your ROI. Our content experts, part of our SEO and earned media team, use a 5-step approach to identify and create your content:

  • Incorporate your key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals as our metrics for success
  • Identify and document your existing content effectiveness via SWOT analysis
  • Construct a content strategy & tactics designed to achieve your KPIs
  • Write, produce and edit high-quality content including text, images, video, webcasts, and more
  • Measure and report on content performance in relation to KPIs

Obviously, this takes effort, but it is the only way to truly plan, execute and optimize your content. And in addition to the above, our content development experts are trained in optimizing content to not only provide information, but to always include calls to action. After all, quality content is more than just information, it is the primary tool to influence your visitors to become buyers.

Hiring a Good Content Development Team

If you are interested in hiring a content development team be sure to conduct your due diligence, because left to amateurs your efforts may actually hurt, not help, your ROI. If you’ve already tried hiring freelancers, or cheap companies to provide you with content you may have been burned by a negative experience. This is because many freelancers and cheap content firms do not hire experts with training and expertise in how to write and develop web content.

Bad content development resources typically:

  • Utilize off-shore or students with no training or marketing expertise
  • Are not aligned with your KPIs and critical goals
  • Do not track, measure and report on the performance of their content
  • May copy content from already existing sources, causing you duplicate content penalties

The Apogee Results Content Development Difference

Because your content is king we believe it deserves the time, effort and expertise necessary to make you as successful as possible. We do not practice any of the bad content development approaches list above, and we never will.

Contact Apogee Results today and ask for a Free Consultation. We will provide you with the quality content development you need to achieve your KPI goals and improve your ROI.