PPC New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I dread the New Year’s Holiday.  Just the thought of making pledges to eat better or start working out gives me chills. I dutifully pledge to give up this or give up that and fail miserably on January 1st at about 9:40 a.m. This year I thought I would take a different approach; focus on my passion for Search Marketing to set me up for success and allow me to leave my personal life out of it!


How about making PPC Management Resolutions for 2013?

If you are like a lot of PPC Managers, you’ll likely have inherited an AdWords account. Clients typically want to get up and running and see results ASAP.  This usually forces us to keep them up and start working on the re-structuring of the account as we go.  Most of the time, there are common mistakes that have put the account into your hands that must be fixed before you start seeing some traction.

Resist the urge to keep campaigns set up the same way as you inherited them; even for a short period of time.  Make your account assessment and hit the biggest areas of opportunity first.  Taking a little time upfront and re-organizing the account’s structure will give you the click-thrus and not send them to your competition. These are all things we know and typically do as PPC professionals–so if nothing else it’s a reminder for me to Here is my top 3 list for 2013:


1. Where possible; split out larger Ad Groups:

Assess your client’s Ad Groups. Most of the time, you can make them smaller and more targeted. By doing this, you can decrease the number of keywords in your ad group which will allow you to be as specific as possible to your searchers intent with your ads. You can be far more relevant and send the searcher to the appropriate Landing Page. Once they are taken to the highly relevant page, they are more likely to convert for your client with higher CTR’s, higher Quality Scores and lower Cost per Clicks. Sometimes, the issue really is with the client’s web site and whether they have highly effective Landing pages for each of your Ad Groups. Hopefully you can convince them that changes they make will benefit their business.


2. Don’t rely on Google Optimization for my A/B Ad Testing.

 I’m going to utilize Google’s ‘Rotate indefinitely’ Option which will show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads to give me a better understanding of what’s happening without the automatic optimizing rotation. Then I’m going to be tougher and delete (not pause!)  the ads that are not performing…what’s the point of keeping them in the ad group if they’re not converting?


3. I pledge to utilize Excel more than I do.

It’s a love-hate thing I know for most of us but once we get down and dirty with it, what a fantastic tool we have to drill down on the data we have available to make the wisest decisions for our accounts. 2013 is the year I fall back in love with pivot tables!


As I was working on this, I asked my colleagues here at Apogee Results what their PPC Resolutions would be and they had some excellent ones:


Ryan is going to focus on maximizing Ad Extensions to increase his CTR on his account ads. Hopefully Google will get cracking and improve the tracking capabilities for them as well.


Cori is going to (not listen to Ryan, ha ha – Just kidding) try and stay on top of Google’s Changes which is a pretty hefty goal. She gave a solid example regarding Google’s Conversion Optimizer Requirements:

  • Your campaign uses AdWords Conversion Tracking or is importing data from Google Analytics.
  • The campaign has received at least 15 conversions on the Search Network and 30 conversions on the Display Network in the last 30 days. This conversion history enables the system to make accurate predictions about your future conversion rate. So, the more data we have, the more accurate we can be.
  • The campaign must have been receiving conversions at a similar rate for at least a few days.


Kaolhi wants to get more in-depth on Google Analytics and all the ins & outs and dig into the reporting it has available.


Dean wants to keep working to decrease Google’s revenue: http://investor.google.com/earnings/2011/Q4_google_earnings.html (their overall average CPC was down 8% in Q4 this year).


I leave you with best wishes for a happy and productive New Year.  Let me know what your PPC Resolutions will be for 2013!