It Must Be Super Bowl Week

Google Hot Trends is one of the most useful tools Google offers. It shows a list of keywords that have seen a spike in search traffic recently.

Unlike most search marketing tools, whose data is at least a day (if not months) old, Google Hot Trends generally shows data from the previous hour. That is about as close as it gets to “real time” in this industry.

This can be a powerful support tool for search campaigns that can monetize such traffic spikes (such as news sites or blogs).

More generally, Google Hot Trends provides a wonderful insight into what memes are bubbling up in the Internet soup. It usually includes current news, events, and the name of Hollywood’s “It Girl” plus the word [pictures]. And there are invariably pop culture references that go right over my head.

Imagine my surprise at yesterday’s list of keywords (click on the thumbnail for a larger version):

Did you catch that? Perhaps you should take a closer look at the fifth keyword:

Really? Didn’t that happen five years ago?

Oh yeah, it’s Super Bowl week.

As my buddy Jon Higby said, “Most people couldn’t tell you who was playing that year – but everyone remembers half time!”

Clearly, people are Feelin’ Kinda Sunday.

So, when coming up with keywords, be sure to consider the older keywords that might come back into vogue.

Just FYI, it was Super Bowl XXXVIII in February 2004, and the New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29 on a Adam Vinatieri field goal with four seconds in the game.

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